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You Never Know What’s Around The Corner…


You Never Know What’s Around The Corner…

Last week, I spent a bit of time with Dino in Yokohama assisting on a couple of feature shoots. During some downtime, I poked my head down a side street just across from where we were shooting and caught a glimpse of an iconic Japanese car in a classic colorway.

Of course, I had to go in for a closer look…

In this day and age of over-the-top wide-body kits and God of War for power under the hood, it’s always refreshing to come across something a little more down to earth.


There is a certain beauty in simplicity, and the owner of this kouki AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno has absolutely nailed it. Nothing has been done to disrupt the car’s original ’80s body lines; a simple suspension drop is all that was required to give it a more purposeful look.


Many would argue that 14-inch is the perfect wheel diameter size for a Hachiroku, and in this instance gold SSRs go so well with the panda paint scheme.


The interior was a little more busy with gauges, an A/V system, extended shift knob, and a deep-dish steering wheel among other things. The Cusco spin-turn knob is a pretty good sign that the owner likes to get the 86 sideways.


Japan is a real treasure trove for random car finds, and although this Toyota only appeared to be mildly modified, it was a pretty clean example that I’m sure Takumi Fujiwara would be proud of.

What memorable parked-up cars have you come across in your travels? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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