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Would You Pay $155,000 for a Polestar 1?


Would You Pay $155,000 for a Polestar 1?

The former Volvo subsidiary, Polestar, has revealed the final pricing for its much-publicized Polestar 1 hybrid-electric sports car. That price is 155,000 euros in Europe and $155 000 in the United States, and the question is, would you pay that kind of money to own what is essentially a coupe Volvo?

Granted, the car has charisma and it benefits from advanced technologies and all that. But just Google what $150K can buy you, and you will have to doubt Polestar’s logic in pricing the 1. That doesn’t mean they’re being greedy. We’re fairly certain that even at that price they are not making much profit, if any. Maybe they should have started with a mid-size family car, something they have in mind for their second project, called Polestar 2.

The Polestar 1 is quite a machine, though. It features an Electric Performance Hybrid powertrain with an output of 600 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. It even has a pure electric driving range of 150 km which is great. So if you can get over the fact that it looks like a two-door Volvo S90, then the 1 could be a pretty satisfying purchase. In fact, since they opened the order books in March, Polestar has received 7,000 pre-orders. That was of course before people knew it would end up being a 150 grand car, but still…

“After our public introduction at the Geneva Motor Show in March, we are excited to be back in China – one of the key markets for the Polestar brand,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar. “It feels great to bring the Polestar brand and the Polestar 1 closer to the public here in Beijing.”

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