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Worth Seeing: Frozen Berry Porsche 911 for Laura Siegemund


Worth Seeing: Frozen Berry Porsche 911 for Laura Siegemund

In recent years Porsche Exclusive has presented us with more unique, one-off paint jobs than ever ever before. They are now at a stage where they can paint your car in any shade you desire. So when tennis champion Laura Siegemund asked for a Frozen Berry Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet as her prize, they said no problem!

And here’s the unusual, but interesting result. Laura’s Frozen Berry Porsche 911 is certainly the only Porsche and quite possibly the only car in the world finished in this color. They have done such a brilliant job getting this difficult color just right that you just want to bite into this Porsche. And you are almost sure it is going to taste like frozen berry as well!

The Frozen Berry Porsche 911 C4 GTS Cab was Laura Siegemund’s prize for the biggest win of her career on 30 April 2017 at Porsche Arena in which the 29-year old from Filderstadt won the 40th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. The price was handed over to her by Anke Huber, the Operating Tournament Director of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and Frankow Dorow, the director of the Stuttgart Porsche Center at the company’s Stuttgart center. This is a good advertisement for Porsche to let wealthy customer know they can fulfill their fantasies, no matter how crazy, provided they come up with with a fat enough check. These one-off colors can be quite expensive.

“It’s for sure the most coveted winner’s trophy on the WTA Tour and it was an unbelievable feeling when I won it,” said Laura Siegemund, who has been out injured for most of the year. She however has had to overcome a number of setbacks in her career and is also now looking positively into the future: “I definitely want to be back competing at the 2018 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.”

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