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Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superfast Upgrade Kit


Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superfast Upgrade Kit

Ask any Ferrari fan and they will tell you the the 812 Superfast is pure perfection. They don’t believe this thing can be improved, unless Ferrari themselves have a go at it. So they may not like the Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superfast we have here, even though it features some cool upgrades. 

WaM is a big fan of the 800-hp Ferrari V12 engine in the 812 and though they have gave it a slight bump in power through the use of a very advanced exhaust system, they have refrained from messing with its electronic maps. The exhaust system created for Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superfast features handcrafted valve flap system with sport catalysts and x-pipe. It is made from ultralight Inconel 625, and besides giving the 812 an explosive sound it adds 20 hp and 15 Nm of torque to the output of the engine.

In terms of visual upgrades, Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superfast gets a couple of upgrades that are mainly devised for the benefit of ride and handling but also improve the looks. First we have the sport springs for the suspension which lower the ride height, and then the new “FORK” wheel design by WaM. The setup for 812 with these rims is 10,0×21 with 275/30/21 Pirelli P Zero tires on the front and 12,0×21 with 325/30/21 Pirelli tires or with 12,5×22 inch rims and 335/25/22 tires out back.

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