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VW Golf GTI Hybrid “First Decade” for Wörthersee

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VW Golf GTI Hybrid “First Decade” for Wörthersee

Each year for the Wörthersee GTI meeting Volkswagen lets their apprentices to build a unique Golf GTI concept, and more often than not the result is a mildly accessorized car with a huge stereo system. This year though, the apprentices have gone deep and basically created a VW Golf GTI Hybrid. They call is the First Decade GTI since the concept is the 10th apprentices’ GTI since they started doing this. 

The apprentice-made VW Golf GTI Hybrid a 410 PS (300 kW) petrol engine driving the front wheels with a 48-volt electric motor that drives the rear wheels with a maximum output of 12 kW. Granted, it’s not exactly groundbreaking and the output of the electric unit is nothing to write home about. But that doesn’t take away from what an impressive achievement it is for a bunch of young boys and girls.

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VW Golf GTI Hybrid “First Decade” is also somewhat sophisticated, as it can be operated in conventionally (front-wheel drive), in purely electric mode (rear-wheel drive) and in combined mode (all-wheel drive). It even has a regenerative braking system which charges the two batteries in the back by converting the heat generated by braking into electricity. The modes can be selected and controlled from a tablet PC using an app or from the infotainment display via Mirror Link. The youth who made this car then set about styling it with 20 inch rims, Satin Ocean Shimmer and Atlantic Blue Metallic paint work, sports seats, a bunch of spoilers, and yes, a kickass ound system with 1,690 watts from 11 loudspeakers and a subwoofer as well as a special rear HIFI installation with LED lighting on a carbon-covered base plate.

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