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Volvo XC40 Compact SUV Preview


Volvo XC40 Compact SUV Preview

First there was the XC90. Then came the XC60. Following that, Volvo’s new small SUV, their first entry into this busy market, should be called XC30, but it isn’t! It’s actually called Volvo XC40 and it promises to “vibrancy, individuality and playfulness the small premium SUV segment.”

And that’s the first thing they want us to know about the new Volvo XC40 – that it’s custmoizable as hell. If you actually listen to the designers talk in the video below you realize they have used street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods and popular culture as inspiration, which is cool and hip and trendy, and also a very Swedish thing to do. But we can’t help feeling the XC40 is going to be one of those chintzy products that is more of a fashion accessory than a car.

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Volvo XC40 comes with a broad selection of possible colour combinations range from a solid, monochromatic theme to dual compositions in vivid colours on the outside, and a warm Lava Orange carpet, an Oxide Red upholstery, and a range of new and distinctive trims and materials with designs inspired by urban architecture and cartography on the inside. However this compact SUV turn out to be like, it will sure be absolutely unique in terms of looks and interior atmosphere.

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