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VATH Upgrades Mercedes E-Class Diesel (E 350d)

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VATH Upgrades Mercedes E-Class Diesel (E 350d)

Finally, a tuning package for a Mercedes-Benz that actually makes some sense! It is usually the high-powered AMG Mercs getting all the special treatments from tuners, which is kind of ridiculous because those bad boys are already way too powerful. This time though, VATH has come up with a power kit for a car that really needs it, the 2019 Mercedes E-Class Diesel.

It’s the E 350 d diesel VATH has set its sights on this time, and they offer a nice and round upgrade package for it.This treatment makes the executive sedan sportier and nicer to live with, without going over the top and beating the point of the car being a diesel. It’s still fuel efficient and understated and unassuming. It’ just that it doesn’t drive you mad with lack of power anymore.

Maybe that’s unfair, actually. The Mercedes E-Class Diesel E350d is actually a decent diesel sedan with a standard 258 PS output. But what VATH does is upping that output to a cool 310 PS, complemented with 710 Nm of peak torque. This’ll cost you around 1,300 EUR, a little bit more if you also want to have the top speed limited removed. Then there is the suspension tuning with a lowering of between 15 to 30 mm on the AIRMATIC system (583,10 Euro plus 434,35 Euro for installation), and VÄTH-V2-GT with wide performance tiers, finished in gloss black (809,20 Euro).

Visually, VATH Mercedes E-Class Diesel comes with lateral flaps (345,10 Euro + 119,00 Euro coating + 59,50 Euro installation), a spoiler lip on the trunk for the sedan (333,20 Euro + 130,90 Euro coating + 59,50 Euro installation), and double-flow tail pipes made of VA-stainless steel in chrome or black finish (165,41 Euro + 59,50 Euro installation).

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