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Up Close with RWB Porsche 911 in London

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Up Close with RWB Porsche 911 in London

When you look at the pictures of a RWB Porsche 911 you can’t help thinking if that thing is even drivable, what with those massive wheel arches and insane dished wheels, not to mention the unreasonably low ride height. But i is, and that’s the beauty of the Rauh Welt Begriff treatment… that it enables you to drive around in a caricature!

Okay, we can’t say the guy this orange RWB Porsche 911 (964) around the streets of London is comfortable and fully satisfied with the ride. But he sure is having a great time considering how awesome his car looks next to everything else in that traffic:

We can honestly say this RWB Porsche 911 is a hell of a lot cooler than any of those million-dollar super cars you often see around London. And it’s not as annoying as those cars to the other road users, either. Yes, it’s a little too loud, but the thing is tiny and it looks so good, it brightens everyone’s day as trundles along.

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