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Tuning Goes Electric: ABT Audi RS6-E Concept


Tuning Goes Electric: ABT Audi RS6-E Concept

ABT Sportline is one of the most innovative, technically brilliant tuners of VW Group products. So it comes as no surprise that they are one of the first tuners to make the transition and incorporate electricity as part of their upgrade programs. The amazing ABT Audi RS6-E is the first outcome of this strategic move, and it looks very promising. 

The reason we think ABT Audi RS6-E concept is promising is simple. It makes makes 1,018 horsepower and 1,290 Nm of torque, goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, and flat out reaches 320 km/h. I mean, that is the whole point, is it not, of tuning. Who cares if the extra power comes from coal, or electricity, or a fairy stuffed into the cylinder-head.

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ABT’s first hybrid tuner car benefits from the latest power kit they have to offer for the standard RS6, including ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit developed in-house and a modified exhaust system. This alone is good for 730 horsepower, which is a healthy upgrade over the standard 560. But the real beauty of ABT Audi RS6-E is the electric motor integrated in the transmission tunnel, providing an extra 288 HP (213 kW) and 317 Nm. Granted, this isn’t a full-on hybrid system and the electric power can only be activated in short bursts for rapid acceleration via a green button on the steering wheel. But it is only a small leap from here to a full-blooded hybrid.

Because it is sort of a backup system, the electric system in the ABT Audi RS6-E Concept features only a small 13.6 kWh which also takes care of weight concerns. The car is dressed to show off its electric connection unashamedly, what with the circuit board wrap. It also boasts 21 inch ABT Sport GR wheels, H&R suspension, front lip, front skirt add-ons, mirror caps, fender inserts, side skirt add-ons and rear skirt add-ons including rear spoiler.

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