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Tom Hanks Fiat 126p with Carlex Interior

Carlex Design

Tom Hanks Fiat 126p with Carlex Interior

Screen legend Tom Hanks is not really known for his love of cars or planes or anything really exciting. I mean, the dude is fond of old typewriters, so, you know, that explains why the most prominent car projects he’s involved in is that of a Fiat 126p!

Tell you the truth Tom Hanks is not really involved in this per se. This special Fiat 126p is the car he’s going to get as part of his involvement in Bielsko-Bia?a for Tom Hanks charity. We can see how Forrest Gump might like such a thing, but not Sully, or Captain Philips, or Captain Miller.

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In any case, Tom Hanks’s Fiat 126p is probably the finest example of this car anywhere in the world, and what’s more it features a bespoke interior from Carlex Design, one of the most respected names in the business. There isn’t anything flashy or extravagant about this cabin since, well, it’s a 126p cabin. But Carlex has used the finest material for the trims and upholstery, and even tapped into Mr. Hanks’ love of typewriters by making buttons and switchers plated with silver flakes to resemble those of an old typewriter. That ought to be enough to make this thing a collectible item.

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