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The Relationship of James May & Sarah Frater

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The Relationship of James May & Sarah Frater

For those who don’t know, James May is a car lover and a TV star who hosts shows on ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and BBC networks. He is presently in a relationship with Sarah Farter (a dance critic).

James and Sarah’s love affair

The relationship started in 2002. All things in life, be it playing online casinos, working in an office, starting a family and so forth requires people to meet certain requirements first. This is why fans see James and Sarah’s relationship as a bit off the beat because they would love to see them meet the marriage requirement.

James and Sarah bring out the real meaning of love and prove that if two people are truly in love, it is not necessary to get married in order to live together in these present times.

They live in Hammersmith in the Western part of London. They are in a live-in relationship and many at times they have been seen together in various parties and events.

They have been asked so many times about them getting married, however, it appears like they are comfortable with each other the way they are. A marriage ceremony is like a designer showcasing his work and their love is true to the extent they have ignored calls from people to tie the knot.  They live with each other freely and happily like gamblers enjoying free slots no download no registration. They do not have any children yet. They only live with a cat.

More about who Sarah is

Sarah Frater is only known as James’ lover. She is a dance critic and a blog writer. She also writes for shows on dance and her blogs are loved by professionals and people that enjoy dancing. People believe that she is a dancer that decided to become a dance critic later.

Lately, she has been part of the popular dance blog known as She is a popular name from British dance lovers, however she is less popular than his star lover.

More about who James is

James is the original co-presenter of Top Gear series. However, in 2002 when its edited version was telecast, he was not there.

But since he has many fans, the show-makers were forced to have him back and so from the 2nd series, he was the host. He took the place of Dawe and people used to called him “Captain Slow” because he had a careful driving style. The slow driving is probably because he wouldn’t want to look like he is driving a laferrari spyder in a sports competition and also to avoid causing an accident. James is one of the highly paid anchors; his overall net worth is ten million dollars.


Sarah and James are satisfied with their relationship and this could be the main reason why they do not find it necessary to proof it by getting married legally. There have never been any bad rumours about their relationship hence why they are seen as the most compatible couple.

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