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Susan Sarandon Is the Latest Mercedes-Benz Celebrity Catch

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Susan Sarandon Is the Latest Mercedes-Benz Celebrity Catch

Because of their deep involvement with the world of fashion, Mercedes-Ben often hooks up with high-profile celebrities who, in exchange for a big pile of cash, attend their events and promote their stuff. The latest catch is iconic actress Susan Sarandon who has done a photoshoot with Mercedes Concept EQ. 

This works on a number of levels, not the least of which is Ms. Sarandon’s affinity for environmental technologies. The Concept EQ showcases Mercedes’ latest advancements in this field with its battery-electric powertrain and general sustainability. But the car is also full of energy and sex appeal and life,kind of like Susan Sarandon herself who despite her advanced age is still astonishingly hot. That is why for this photoshoot they went for powerful red tones and expressive poses.

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Susan Sarandon: “I’m so delighted to be part of the #mbcollective along with Bryn Mooser. Ever since I had the honour of appearing in one of Bryn’s extraordinary films, I’ve been observing his empathy and passion. I feel privileged to be taking part in the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story as an ambassador for humanitarianism. I am proud be presenting the Concept EQ vehicle as part of the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, because it is very important to me to promote sustainability.”

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