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Stepping Over To The Dark Side


Stepping Over To The Dark Side

To slam or not to slam – that is the question. There are various ways you can lower your car to improve its performance and looks, but once you set it up in a way that the wheels and tires tuck under the fenders at a visible angle, then you have stepped over to the dark side.

When you go there, everyone with a keyboard at hand’s reach will surely make their thoughts known to you, insults will fly, name calling will be colorful, and you will be categorized as an attention seeker.

I’m not here to tell you what you should like or should not like, but rather present you what is out there in the wide world of car culture, and what we think is worthy of a little space on our site.

This sinister looking ND Roadster that I came across at Mooneyes’ Street Car Nationals last weekend fits the bill; it makes a statement, but unlike the overfendered example that was parked up next to it, does so in a more simple way.


Japanese custom car enthusiasts really like push the envelope; no make or model is exempt and the newer the vehicle is the higher the shock value will be. This ND does not run air suspension, it’s plain low and exhibits a pretty wild dose of onikyan, the love it or hate it ‘devil camber’.


In the wheel department, the Mazda runs Aimgain G2s finished in candy apple red.


And at the back there’s a nice center-exit Exart exhaust, which is rather visually pleasing. I’d really love to see this component used on a more performance-oriented Roadster build.


Since the owner of this car obviously likes to stand out, he’s also gone and reupholstered the interior in white leather.


The car is part of the same T-Demand crew that we saw first slam an ND back at the 2015 StanceNation Japan event. This ND, with its crazy negative camber, however, has just set the bar higher.

Haters will hate, but the owner will continue to enjoy it – he’s just doing what he likes.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

2017 Mooneyes Street Car Nationals on Speedhunters

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