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Startech Bentley Bentayga in Fancy New Colors


Startech Bentley Bentayga in Fancy New Colors

After its formal introduction earlier this year Startech Bentley Bentayga went on to become one of the most popular aftermarket packages for the British SUV. The tuner keeps rolling out various copies of it, some in truly interesting colors. Here we are featuring a few of latest Bentaygas they’ve done for your viewing pleasure.

The ingredients of Startech Bentley Bentayga package is the same on all versions, but we have to say this kit is very susceptible to the color of the vehicle in terms of either popping out and looking prominent or becoming discreet and somewhat obscure. That latter happens on cars with darker colors, so it is recommended if you are getting a Startech Bentayga make it a light one. We reckon this kit would look ace on this Royal Blue.

Startech Bentley Bentayga visual upgrade package consists of all-new front and rear bumpers, unique side skirts and side strakes which together improve the side view of the car big time, wide front and rear wheel arch set, and carbon fiber grille and accent package. Complementing the kit is a set of 23 inch forged wheels, usually in black, and a sport exhaust system as well as a lowering kit, although those last bits are optional. This package is a goof alternative for those who don’t like, or can’t afford, a Mansory Bentayga.

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