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SR Auto Mercedes S63 Has Brabus Kit, Maybach Grille


SR Auto Mercedes S63 Has Brabus Kit, Maybach Grille

Who would have thought one of the most interesting takes on the S63 Sedan would come out of Vancouver? We are talking about the SR Auto Mercedes S63 AMG which has been fitted by the famous local tuner with one of the most elaborate and interesting styling packages we’ve ever seen for this car.

As usual, SR Auto Group has relied on the prowess of a big time supplier to provide them with the parts. This time it’s Brabus who has done so, sending them a full set of their aero parts for the S63 sedan as well as a set of their most gangsta wheels. But the biggest highlight of SR Auto Mercedes S63 is the front grille which is lifted straight from the Maybach and gives the car the appearance of a Brabus Rocket.

The ingredients of the Brabus body kit on the SR Auto Mercedes S63 AMG include front bumper and lip spoiler complete with a set of Brabus emblems, as well as hood and rear emblems so as to leave the onlookers in no doubt they are beholding a Brabus car. The wheels are Monoblock G series which again hint at the tuner’s Rocket models, and they look so snugly fitted inside the fenders thanks to a set of Basics Lowering suspension components.

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