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Spotlight: Techart GTstreet R Cabriolet


Spotlight: Techart GTstreet R Cabriolet

So a few days ago Techart wowed the tuning fans the world over by releasing a new GTstreet R 911 based on the latest Turbo S mode. Now it’s probably a good time to check out that car’s topless sister, the Techart GTstreet R Cabriolet which is obviously a lot sexier than the mean and serious hardtop.

We like this Techart GTstreet R Cabriolet better than the coupe also because it is not painted ridiculous green. The car featured here features a very cool black paint job with grey stripes and yellow stripes. To be honest though, it doesn’t even need those because a GTstreet is instantly recognizable on account of its massive aero kit, which is not just for the show either and provides a total downforce of 321 kg at 300 km/h in Performance Mode.

That brings us to the other cool aspect of the Techart GTstreet R Cabriolet which is its performance. Just like the hardtop, this German beast can be ordered with a couple of power kits that build on the brilliants of the Turbo S’ own flat-six twin-turbo motor to create a monster. The first kit, available now, is good for a total of 640 horsepower, while the second package which will be ready by early 2017 will give you access to 720 horsepower. The Convertible has another trump card and that is the fact that the cabrio-ness of this car showcase the superb interior a lot better than the coupe.

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