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Spotlight: BMW 750Li M Sport


Spotlight: BMW 750Li M Sport

If you want a super deluxe, palace on wheels, four-door sedan, your best bet is still the Mercedes S-Class. But if you are kind of bored with that thing and want something with a little bit more joie de vivre then perhaps you should consider a fully loaded 7 Series, something like this Singapore Grey BMW 750Li M Sport xDrive.

This 7er right here boasts quite possibly the finest specs one can order for it from BMW. Sure, you can add to the number of cylinders or have the body made bulletproof. But as it stands, this BMW 750Li M Sport is just perfect in every way. It’s got just the right amount of sport, luxury and performance. And it comes in a unique and extremely dignified color. What more could you ask?

One feature that sets this BMW 750Li M Sport apart from its rival, besides the classy paint job, is all the M Sport goodies it comes with. The main highlight of the exclusive package include M sports exhaust system, black kidney grille and metal pedal set, and you also notice the extended front spoiler, the M side sills, and the unique wheels. We are not suggesting this thing is better than a S-Class as a luxury saloon, but it certainly is our choice.

Not that it needs clarifying, but this magnificent 7 Series is part of BMW Abu Dhabi’s collection.

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