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Spotlight: Acura NSX on HRE Wheels


Spotlight: Acura NSX on HRE Wheels

Not many tuner have gotten around working on the new Acura NSX yet, but the boys at Wheels Boutique have already come up with a couple of wheel treatments for the Japanese/American super car. So if you’re already bored with the looks of your NSX, at least there is this you can do to change things a little.

Wheels Boutique have prepared two setups for the Acura NSX, both of them using HRE’s finest rims. The golden ones you see in the gallery below are P201s and they suit the angular design of the car rather well. But if the finish is a bit too fancy for you, then you should probably go with those grey S101 models which look a lot more understated, but still prominent enough to let the onlookers know this isn’t a stock set.

Both of these sets look dope on the NSX, and they would probably look even better on a black or grey example of the car. Seeing as the NSX has a very unusual and futuristic design chances are any attempt at altering the body will invariably end up ruining the whole thing. So a nice set of wheels could be the extent of modification this hybrid sports car can handle.

Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-1 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-2 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-3 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-4 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-5 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-6 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-7 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-8 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-9 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-10 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-11 Acura-NSX-HRE-WB-12

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