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Skoda Vision RS Concept Teased For Paris Motor Show


Skoda Vision RS Concept Teased For Paris Motor Show

Czech car maker Skoda, famous for their eco-class, VW-based models, has grown fond of sportier, more enticing models lately. They are expanding their range of hot RS models with a new model called for now the Skoda Vision RS compact. This concept will make its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show previewing an upcoming production model. 

The design ketches and their accompanying video shows a dynamic hatchback with lots of sharps lines and aggressive angels. Skoda Vision RS marks the completion of the car maker’s divorce from curvy, soft lines that gives their cars a bland and unsurprising look. That is not what customers want these days, and that is certainly not the appropriate look for something with an RS badge, especially taking into account the significance of those letter for Skoda and their 117-year motorsport history.

The photos are all we have to go by for now. No technical details have been divulged on the Skoda Vision RS concept. We have to say though, on the looks alone we reckon the new Skoda RS is going to be a hit car at the Paris show this October. We just hope that they don’t mess it up when they turn this thing into a production model. And, we also hope they don’t go soft when it comes to gearing this car up mechanically. Anything below 300 PS would be too little for those awesome looks.

The RS letter combination was first introduced in 1974 for the 180 RS and 200 RS rally sports cars. Following the success of the 130 RS, it became known all over the world. Since 2000, it has been used to identify the performance variants of various ŠKODA model series.

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