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Silhouette Style: The Final Evolution


Silhouette Style: The Final Evolution

When it comes to having the flashiest, most over-the-top car to make a statement to your bosozoku peers with, Silhouette style simply cannot be beaten.

Inspired by the flame-spitting touring cars from the Japanese Super Silhouette Series, this form of styling is the final evolution of works styling, and the owners who favor it hold nothing back in their quest to stand out.

Two examples that I found really interesting during my cultural exploration at the Fuji Kawaguchi Auto-Jamboree was this Z10 Toyota Soarer and the X70 Toyota Cresta below.


In comparison to most racing regulations, the Super Silhouette series was very laid back, allowing the designers and engineers to go absolutely nuts. The massive front splitters, giant wings and huge overfenders made a huge impression in the minds of those that followed the racing. The bosozoku took these aerodynamic traits and exaggerated them for their street cars.

Here we see custom body work, vibrant paint schemes and rear wings which shoot out at least three feet on both examples – classic Silhouette style features.


If those don’t work, there’s always a racket to be made with homemade exhaust systems, usually devoid of mufflers.


And if all else fails, you have the standard issue air horns. Take a wild guess which tune bellows out of these…

The interiors in both the Soarer and Cresta remain mostly true to their eras, but in typical bosozoku fashion, accessories are in plentiful supply.


This is definitely a style that is out of my comfort zone, but as a cultural piece to study it still remains extremely fascinating to me. I may have to dig even deeper in the future…

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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