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RWB Emirates Is Born – Speedhunters


RWB Emirates Is Born – Speedhunters

After spending six days witnessing the birth of RWB’s first ever triple-build, I have gained even more respect for the man behind one of the most respected car customizing brands to come out of Japan.

Seeing Nakai-san pace himself over the course of his biggest challenge to date gave everyone who watched him transform the cars – myself included – a true insight into his process. A one man team, an artist, a visionary, he works with a concentration level that is almost superhuman.

Once in his zone nothing distracts him; he becomes at one with his process, quiet and efficient in all the steps he needs to go through to give a new breath of life to the base cars he works on. His presence alone manages to create a unique, family-like atmosphere; there’s real comradery between the owners and those that have just dropped by for a look.


And then, just like that, after days of utter dedication to his craft, his creations are complete. Today, RWB Emirates was born.

The cars’ names will be announced in due course, but for now, this blue 993 is being called RWB Emirates Number 1. The idea with this Porsche was to create a more track-focused machine; its blue exterior contrasts with bright orange details on the half roll-cage, wheels and brake calipers. It will eventually receive a fully tuned engine and be enjoyed on circuits like Yas Marina and Dubai Autodrome, the latter being the actual location of the three builds.

Then comes Number 2, a green 964 sporting cool additions like HID projector headights and a modern Recaro bucket seat. This too will eventually be sent off for some engine work, giving it the performance to match its menacing looks.

The last is another 993, but this time finished off in one of the nicest shades of satin white I’ve seen in a while, with blue accents on the wheels, cage and calipers.


The three 911s are similar in so many ways, yet so totally different from one another. And that’s exactly what Nakai manages to do; he gives enthusiasts a chance to have something bespoke, a car that’s unique yet unquestionably a RAUH-Welt Begriff creation. Some understand it, some don’t, but I guarantee that if you watched it unfold before your eyes you’d know you were witnessing something special.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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