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Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron by RDBLA


Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron by RDBLA

It takes a lot of courage to even think about modifying a car like Bugatti Veyron, not just because of what it costs but also because you could well end up ruining it. So we say kudos to the owner of this Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron for having the balls to try something so bold and so different. 

Choosing to wrap your car in a brash and bold color like chrome tinted pink, which is what this is, can go either way. The end result could look either amazing, or just downright horrible. We have to say in the case of Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron it is the former that applies. Even if you don’t like the color you can’t deny the treatment has made the Bugga even more special and luxurious to look at.

The Rose Gold Bugatti Veyron is created by the guys at RDBLA who are among the few custom shops with the cajones to work on a Veyron. The wrap required a fairly thorough disassembly of the body panels and the intricate rear wing system, but they have don’e a fine job and as you can see in the video above everything still works!

This might be the first Veyron in the world in this color, but it’s not the craziest custom Veyron. That would be a tie between the one by Mansory and Oakley’s.

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