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Ride Onboard Omori Factory’s 240ZG GTS-II


Ride Onboard Omori Factory’s 240ZG GTS-II

Nismo TV has brought us some great onboard videos of late, and its newest offering rates as one of our favorites.

Like the others, the clip was captured at the 2016 Nismo Festival held at Fuji Speedway in Japan during December, but this time around it’s a 1973 Datsun 240ZG providing the in-car view and soundtrack. And an extra special one at that…

The 240ZG was a high-spec version of the 240Z, with added exterior styling upgrades that included a long nose, headlight covers, overfenders and rear spoiler, but the same 2.4-liter L24 engine developing around 150PS. The car you see here though was a special competition test machine built by Nissan’s famed Ōmori Factory.

In order to R&D new racing technologies, Ōmori’s ‘GTS-II’ was heavily modified for racing, and among other things was fitted out with a 2870cc LY28 crossflow engine breathing through triple Solex 50PHH carburetors. In period it was good for 300PS at 7,600rpm and 32.0kg/m at 6,400rpm.

But enough of the specs – hit play above to hear this blast from Datsun’s competition car past sing its sweet sound around Japan’s most iconic race track.

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