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Rich Santa Has a Ferrari Enzo Sleigh!


Rich Santa Has a Ferrari Enzo Sleigh!

Regardless of how creepy the whole concept of Santa Claus is if you ponder it for a second – it’s about a fat old man in red watching children all year long so that he can pass judgment on them – there is a good amount of fun that can be had with this guy. Here’s how the rich do it, swapping the fat beardy’s traditional reindeer sleigh for a Ferrari Enzo.  

This playboy Santa visits only the rich kids’ homes, deposits gifts he’s procured from Harrods probably, gets high on cookies, cruises the night in his Ferrari Enzo sleigh, and in the small hours retires back to his hotel room to bang Mrs Claus’ brains out.

Video by Supercar Driver

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all. Here’s hoping 2017 will be less miserable than 2016, which was a total crapfest.



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