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Rezvani TANK Military Edition Is Fit for Invading Baghdad!


Rezvani TANK Military Edition Is Fit for Invading Baghdad!

Remember Rezvani Tank, the crazy SUV by the boutique car maker from California? Well, they have now launched a $300K armored edition called the Rezvani TANK Military, and it is outfitted better than the Humvees with which the U.S. Military conquered Iraq. Is this even legal?

I mean, apart from the armored body and bullet-proof windows, Rezvani TANK Military comes features such as smoke screen, thermal night vision, ram bumpers, bomb protection, strobe lights, electrified door handles, gas masks, blinding lights, PA system and siren, and these are just the standard features. They can make it even more apocalypse-ready if you want. Whatever happens in California that would warrant the creation of such a car? We could understand if this thing came out of Bogota, or Damascus. But downtown L.A.?

As for the more car-like features, the 4,300 lbs Rezvani TANK Military comes with a luxury interior with up to 10 seats, a 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine or an optional 6.2L 707 Horsepower V8 from the Dodge Hellcat. The vehicle benefits from military-grade run-flat tires and reinforced suspension with plenty of ground clearance, meaning it is pretty much unstoppable wherever it wants to go. Prices start from $295,000 USD for the basic version, and go up from there depending on the options you fit to it.

So if you have the mental age of an eight year old and fancy this machine, make sure you first ask your local authorities if it is legal where you live to have a car with lights that blind people and smoke screen and thermal camera. The only thing the TANK lacks is a .50 Cal on the roof.

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