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Prior Design Mercedes SLS Filmed in Action

Mercedes Benz

Prior Design Mercedes SLS Filmed in Action

While we often get a ton of pictures with every hot new tuner car that comes out, it is not often that we are treated to a video of that car strutting its stuff and showing us how those fancy panels and aero parts look on the move. That makes the footage you are about to see of the magnificent Prior Design Mercedes SLS a wonderful treat.

As impressive as Prior Design Mercedes SLS Roadster PD900 wide body looks while stationary, we have to say the thing is absolutely marvelous cruising in and around Monte Carlo, especially in this white and black paint scheme:

The Prior Design Mercedes SLS you enjoyed watching in this video is one of the most special versions of the German super car in the world. For one thing, it’s a SLS Roadster with one of the last applications of the 6.2 naturally aspirated AMG V8. Then, of course, there is the wide body Prior kit with its custom bumpers and fender extensions and carbon fiber aero parts, not to mention the black wheels.

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