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Prior Design McLaren 570S Looks Athletic


Prior Design McLaren 570S Looks Athletic

The next hot car to come out of Prior Design‘s workshop in 2017 is a reinterpretation of what McLaren’s Sport Series should look like. The Prior Design McLaren 570S boasting the PD1 aero kit really does put the “sport” in Sport Series by adding a number of well designed and functional components. 

The strictly visual treatment Prior Design McLaren 570S PD1 receives does also help with the aerodynamics. For example, that huge rear wing does just look cool, it also produces copious amounts of downforce. But nobody buys a kit this sporty looking for the sake of performance. They do it because of the looks, which is fair enough, even if there is a degree of showing off to it. That’s just human nature, and better for the Sapiens to show off with their cars than with their weapons!

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As is usually the case with kits from this tuner, Prior Design McLaren 570S package is not in itself very extensive. There are only a handful of added parts, but each of these parts has so much substance that the end result looks as if it has twice the number of components. As it is though, the PD1 kit consists of a front spoiler lip, cup wings, side flaps, side skirts and side blades behind the doors, a rear diffuser, rear wing, and a roof scoop.

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