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Prior Design Bentley Bentayga PDXR Wide Body


Prior Design Bentley Bentayga PDXR Wide Body

So far most of the aftermarket kits we have seen for Bentley super deluxe SUV came from big-time, super deluxe tuners like Mansory. Now comes the Prior Design Bentley Bentayga PDXR with a fairly blue-collar treatment, and it is instantly the coolest body kit for this car yet. The beauty of this thing is in its simplicity. 

Styling packages like that of Mansory are always too busy and ornamented with all sorts of unnecessary garnish. Prior Design Bentley Bentayga PDXR, on the other hand, adds only a few styling elements without getting carried away with carbon bits and snorkels and what have you. It is this subtlety that makes their product, in out opinion, superior to that of other tuners. Granted, when you get a custom Bentayga you want to show it off and so you may prefer something more flamboyant. But if you want to look cool, this is the package for you.

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The simple ingredients of Prior Design Bentley Bentayga PDXR wide body styling package include an add on front spoiler that sits on the stock bumper like it was always meant to be there, a rear diffuser with small and dignified fins, and the signature PDXR front and rear fender extensions. Upon request, Prior can also hook you up with a custom interior treatment, sport exhaust systems, suspension kits, and of course suitable wheels for your widened SUV. The only thing we don’t like about this particular car shown here is the color, which is a bit soulless.

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