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Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System Protects Your Baby


Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System Protects Your Baby

No, not your actual baby. We mean your vintage Porsche which, let’s be honest, is less annoying and looks better than your actual baby. To help you protect it from the thieves and unauthorized drivers, the company has launched the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System. It’s a GPS-based tracker for modern cars, now available for vintage models as well. 

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System is something they should have launched years ago. There is definitely a market for it. I mean, people put their jewelry in ultra-secure safes and vaults, and they all come down to what, a 100 grand? The most basic vintage Porsche can cost a couple hundred, and the owners often leave it on the street relying on a fifty-year old lock to keep it safe. This tracker helps you keep a closer eye on your prized possession.

It’s a very advanced system, this Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System. It communicates with a security network that covers the whole of Europe. And it’s a lot more than just a tracker. It works in tandem with Porsche Classic app. If the battery is disconnected on a vehicle that is being monitored, or if the vehicle is stolen, the associated free app sends an alarm alert to the international security centre and to the customer. There is also the option to use a wireless command to prevent the engine from being restarted.

The security system can be tailored to your needs and installed on any Porsche from the 356 to the Carrera GT. It becomes available from spring 2018 onwards at Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centres across Europe.

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