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Porsche 911 R Passes the $1 Million Mark!


Porsche 911 R Passes the $1 Million Mark!

Not that long ago we showed a terribly-specced Porsche 911 R that didn’t have racing stripes and told you about its price tag, which was $600,000. There we predicted pretty soon this limited edition Porsche will become a million dollar car, and, well, it’s happened, even sooner than we were expecting.

This yellow Porsche 911 R which seems to have sweet specs, including Exclusive graphics instead of stripes, is offered for sale by Newport Coast Exotics who is asking $999,999 for it. It doesn’t matter if the car is worth that much or not. With a limited edition, highly sought after model like this the dealers and sellers can pretty much name their own price. It comes down to how greedy they are, and unfortunately it affects the entire market for this car because from now on anyone who has one of these 911 Rs is not going to let it go for less than a million bucks.

And if you are not familiar with the Porsche 911 R and you’re wondering what hell is so special about this thing that warrants such massive price inflation in such a short time, well, the essence of it is that this model is the only hot 911 with a manual gearbox. That’s it. It doesn’t even get most of luxury amenities other models come with, but because it’s manual it’s become some sort of obsession for rich driving enthusiasts. Man Porsche’s good at the hype game!

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Newport Coast Exotics via GTspirit

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