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Overfinch Range Rover 2018 Is a Mega SUV!

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Overfinch Range Rover 2018 Is a Mega SUV!

These days every auto maker and tuner wants to build at least one super SUV. Overfinch wants that too, but their idea of what makes a SUV super differs from the rest. With the new Overfinch Range Rover 2018 they have boosted the luxuriousness instead of sportiness, making the world’s first Mega SUV. 

Let’s be honest, making a car faster and more flamboyant is such a boring thing to do nowadays. It’s been done to death. What we need is for tuners to try and make the car they’re working on more special. And no one does it better than Overfinch. Don’t get me wrong. There is still plenty of sportiness to be found in the Overfinch Range Rover 2018. For one thing, the car is drenched, it seems, in carbon fiber. But even so, it is not ostentatious. The Overfinch RR remains royally cool.

The Overfinch Range Rover 2018 treatment on the outside include revised front and rear bumpers plus a lot of carbon fiber garnish. Most of them, of course, are optional — stuff like the carbon side vents, dynamic skirts, rear spoiler, and the wheels that also feature carbon fiber accents. For the interior they have devised a new theme called LumiÃ-RE, with Bridge of Weir leather or more exotic hides.

There also different packs you can have your Overfinch Range Rover 2018 in. There is the Black Pack in which all the exterior bright work is finished in black chrome and the interior trim in piano black, Platinum Pack with bright chrome everything and velour carpeting for the interior,and the Gold Pack featuring gold and rose gold accents and details all around the vehicle.

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