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Official: 2018 BMW X3

2018 BMW X3

Official: 2018 BMW X3

So here it is, following a massive leak we now get our first complete look at the new 2018 BMW X3. The American-built German SUV, which an important milestone for BMW operations in the U.S. at the Spartanburg plant, comes with a heavily refreshed exterior and interior as well, for the first time, an M Performance variant. But it’s still not a very desirable proposition. 

Poor X3, it seems like there is something wrong with this car’s genes because while every new generation is certainly different than the one before, they are just not good looking cars. So yes, 2018 BMW X3 does get new lights and sporty bumpers – especially in the case of the M40i model – but it’s still really ugly and that’s the truth. Not that unsavory looks are going to affect its sales. The new X3 will fly out of the showrooms because, well, BMW buyers! Need I say more?

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At any rate, ugly though it sure is, 2018 BMW X3 is a damn good SUV. The new version gets some tasty options chief among which the new range-topping BMW X3 M40i variant with a 360 horsepower engine and a 0 to 100 sprint time of 4.6 seconds. You also get three petrol and two diesel engine with the weakest one developing 184 horsepower. The car is lighter too and tuned more for sporty handling than off road capability.

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The coolest thing about the new X3 though is all its fancy technology features. The 10.2 inch infotainment iDrive system hosts an operating system with optional gesture control and Intelligent Voice Assistant, and there is a BMW Display Key which allows you to operate the air con remotely. Then there is all the BMW CoPilot options, featuring Active Cruise Control and Driving Assistant Plus safety package with Steering and lane control assistant, Lane Change Assistant and Lane keeping assistant with side collision protection paving the way for (semi-)automated driving.


Here’s a few cool graphics highlighting the changes in the new BMW X3 over the outgoing model:

new-bmw-x3-technical-highlights-1 new-bmw-x3-technical-highlights-2 new-bmw-x3-technical-highlights-3 new-bmw-x3-technical-highlights-4

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