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Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle Technology Augments Autonomous Driving


Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle Technology Augments Autonomous Driving

Brain scientists tell us that this magnificently complex organ initiates any given action before we have even decided to do it. What that implies with regards to free will notwithstanding, car makers are trying to take advantage of this feature of the brain to make autonomous driving better. Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle is the first of these systems that “promises to speed up reaction times for drivers.”

What that means is, the cars of the future will have an artificial intelligence powerful enough to read your brain signals which are essentially electric waves. It then interprets those signals and adjusts the car’s behavior with the ultimate aim of making you more comfortable and driving more fun. Yes, I know. How did we even survive a century of motoring without an AI to complement our will.

In any case, not only does Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle Technology “detect” driver discomfort, it can also “predict” what that driver wants to do next by learning their patterns. That means it can tell when you want to turn the steering wheel – through reading your brain waves – and engage the relevant driving aid to make the job easier and safer. This can improve reaction times and enhance manual driving. One wonders if the systems can also stops you from making bad decisions. Like, will it drive you to the kale store when you want to go to the ice cream parlor simply because the former is better for your health? Maybe someday…

“When most people think about autonomous driving, they have a very impersonal vision of the future, where humans relinquish control to the machines. Yet B2V technology does the opposite, by using signals from their own brain to make the drive even more exciting and enjoyable,” said Nissan Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci. “Through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, we are moving people to a better world by delivering more autonomy, more electrification and more connectivity.”

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