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New McLaren F1 (P1 Successor) Revealed in Prototype Form


New McLaren F1 (P1 Successor) Revealed in Prototype Form

McLaren Automotive released today a bunch of photos giving us our first look at the all-new hypercar they are working on. Code-named the BP23, this as yet unnamed super machine is the replacement for the P1 and also the spiritual successor to the legendary F1. In fact, it is the new McLaren F1.

And yes, that is a central driver’s seat you are seeing in the picture. Don’t be fooled by the 720S headlights here. This is just a mule body hiding the underpinnings of the new McLaren F1 whle they are being tested on the track by Ace Factory Driver Chris Goodwin. The prototype has unusually large side mirrors and massive air intakes on the sides, but the most important highlights remains the F1-like driving position and the dashboard.

We re kind of baffled why this prototype has side mirrors at all, seeing as there are two monitors above Chris’ head which do the same job.The new McLaren F1, or at least its prorotype, also appears to feature a foldaway instrument panel like the 720S. Although it could just be a temporary setup for the test mule.

Nobody knows yet what kind of power we can expect from this new McLaren hypercar, but everybody knows that it will be powered by a hybrid powertrain. In fact, one could state with confidence that the petrol unit will be a heavily tuned version of the 4.0 liter biturbo V8 from the 720S, boosted by one or two electric motors.

Whether this car will be AWD or not remains to be see. But chances are they will go with RWD, for tradition’s sake. This is, after all, the new McLaren F1.

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