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MINI Electric Concept Set for IAA Debut


MINI Electric Concept Set for IAA Debut

Looks like MINI, the great British icon of yesteryear, is finally ready to go electric. This will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show twith MINI Electric Concept. They promise all the good MINI qualities are retained in the Electric concept, and looks-wise at least that seems to be the case. 

Of course many MINI fans are going to lament the electrification of their beloved car. But this is what is needed for the brand to remain competitive. MINI Electric Concept isnot that horrible a proposition, anyway. As mentioned it looks alright, and it is going to be as close to the regular MINI in terms of driving and handling. Well, that is the goal at least. We have to wait and see if the go-kart feeling of the MINI translates well in the world of volts and amperes. The production version of the MINI-E will most likely get aversion of BMW i3’s drivetrain.

“The MINI Electric Concept is a quintessential MINI – compact, agile, simply the ideal companion for everyday driving. At the same time, it conveys a whole new take on the concept of sportiness,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “Indeed, aerodynamics and lightweight design aren’t just important in the world of motor sport; they are also essential factors for maximising electric range. The car’s surfaces have a sense of precision and contemporary clarity about them that lends added impact to the car’s efficient character. Plus, striking accents and vivid contrasts give the exterior that distinctive MINI twist.”

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