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Mercedes C63 AMG Upgraded by Carlex Design

Carlex Design

Mercedes C63 AMG Upgraded by Carlex Design

Pretty much everything about the previous generation Mercedes C63 AMG is exciting as hell, except for the interior, which is bland and dull and boring as… well, hell. Not to worry though, because tuners like Carlex Design can. provided you give them a big fat check, turn things around and make that interior so swish, Mercedes itself will stop and take notice. 

So right off the bat Carlex improves the standard steering wheel of the Mercedes C63 AMG which frankly belongs in an airport cab and not a high performance, expensive sedan. They give that wheel some nice leather grips and center, and garnish it with contrast stitching the quality of which is on the par with the stitching Beverly Hills plastic surgeons apply to the residents’ faces.

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Carlex then set about enhancing the rest of the cabin, starting with the dashboard which also gets a coat of leather complemented with Alcantara suede on the upper and lower parts. The theme is, as you can see in the photo album, many shades of darkness and the suede is just perfect for it. The door cars and seat get a special treatment as well, the highlight of which is an intricate stitching pattern with 3D looking elements that just lift the entire atmosphere of the cabin and give it a lot more sex appeal.

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