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McLaren MSO X Bespoke Bunch Delivered to Customers


McLaren MSO X Bespoke Bunch Delivered to Customers

Ordered by McLaren Newport Beach, US market’s largest McLaren retailer, the 10 McLaren MSO X models have been delivered to their buyers in Las Vegas. Created by McLaren Special Operations unit to emulate the spirit of the 570S GT4 race car, the X bunch come with liveries inspired by McLaren F1 GTR race car of the 90s.

Now, normally it would be really uncool to have your car painted in motorsport liveries if you don’t want to use it exclusively on the race track. But in the case of the McLaren MSO X that’s alright because of the prestigious badge of the car. Granted, you still have to explain to people what those graphics on the exterior mean and by which legendary endurance racer they are inspired. But the buyers of the X are going to get plenty of admiring nods from car geeks on the street.

Besides the racing look, McLaren MSO X models also get a GT4-based get a pylon-mounted rear wing with nearly 100kg of extra downforce, functional ‘goose neck’ carbon fibre roof snorkel borrowed from the F1 LongTail, front dive planes, an MSO Titanium Super Sports Exhaust, Pirelli P ZERO CORSA tyres and a 570S GT4-style bonnet with specially constructed air intake. Another highlight of the X is satin finish carbon fibre across the entire bodywork, including roof, bonnet, side skirts and engine cover. A cool new rear bumper is the icing on the cake. These models are fully road-legal.

“The MSO X collection is the perfect example of the rich vein of bespoke service offered by McLaren Special Operations. Customers come to us with their thoughts and ideas and MSO works with them to set boundaries within which they can then let their imaginations run wild.  What could be better than a McLaren buyer playing the role of ‘race engineer’ in briefing the MSO team and directing them to test and validate those ideas to create a race-bred road car such as this?” Jolyon Nash, McLaren Automotive Executive Director, Global Sales and Marketing

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