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McLaren Hyper GT Partially Teased


McLaren Hyper GT Partially Teased

What you are looking at here, ladies and gents, is parts of an early sketch of the BP23, or as we know it for now the new McLaren Hyper GT car. It is the successor to the F1 and it is absolutely awesome and completely pointless… except for teh 106 people who have already bought the production run.

So yes, we are teasing you with a car you cannot buy, and even if you could you most likely could not afford. Who cares, then, is McLaren Hyper GT BP23 is going to be the most powerful and most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever produced? Or that it is a stand-alone McLaren Special Operations (MSO)? This teaser only serves to make the buyers of the BP23 more giddy as they wait for their futuristic hyper car to arrive some time in 2019.

But in case you want to fantasize about this McLaren Hyper GT tonight in bed, we have to say that yes, it does have three seats in true F1 fashion and it starts a whole new range of models for the British car maker they have named the McLaren Ultimate Series. The BP23 is strictly limited in numbers because it is a fully bespoke model and owners will work alongside MSO to select colours, trim materials and other points of personalisation unique to them. Apparently they can’t have more than 106 rich dudes running around Woking all the time!

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