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McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection Is Limited to 100 Units


McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection Is Limited to 100 Units

These days everything black is trendy and sells well. So, naturally, everyone’s trying to cash in before something else becomes fashionable. And that is the reason behind the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection, a limited series of only 100 cars featuring a lot of black stuff. 

Everything McLaren makes become more special when they pt the letters MSO after its name. But in the case of the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection that seems to be nothing more than a marketing ploy. Make no mistake, the GT Black does come many special features. But they don’t seem special enough to warrant the MSO badge, which is usually reserved for really special models and one-offs.

In any case, the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection boasts such main features as Carbon Black exterior paint, complemented with MSO Defined Black Pack which replaces the palladium-colored accents on the body including front and rear splitters, side skirts and air intakes, black 5 Twin-Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels and black brake calipers. The interior introduces MSO Black Collection Trim featuring black leather and Alcantara upholstery and trim, MSO Defined Ignition Key painted in Carbon Black and a bespoke Dedication Plate located under the centre console.They have also tinted the windows.

The MSO Black 570GT is priced at £179,950 and there is only one option available for it, a £4,750 electrochromic roof. The standard kit includes Vehicle Lift, Rear View Camera, Power Adjust Steering Column and the ground-breaking 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Audio System.

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