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Maybach S 650 Envisioned as a Coupe


Maybach S 650 Envisioned as a Coupe

When we first heard about the Maybach S 650 Cabriolet we thought Mercedes-Benz is making the same mistakes they did with the first generation of the revived Maybach. But then we saw the car and learned that it’s a limited edition, and it all started to make sense. This makes us think, is it possible there is going to be more 650 variants?

If so, the most likely candidate is going to be this, the Maybach S 650 Coupe, rendered beautifully here by X-Tomi Design. It probably wasn’t very hard penning this car seeing as, in essence, it’s a mildly modified S-Class Coupe and the 650 Cabriolet has already revealed all the styling changes. But in any case, the resultant car looks pretty impressive and one that many current S-Class owners would potentially go for.

As with the Cabriolet, the Maybach S 650 Coupe gets the cool luxury wheels and the chrome lips and grilles that set this model apart from the regular S-Coupe and Convertible. If Mercedes ever decided to make this variant it’d be nice if they made it a performance-minded Maybach with the V12 engine tuned to an insane level of output. Brabus does it all the time and they seem to be successful!

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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