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Lumma Range Rover Velar Wide Body Is Simply Awesome

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Lumma Range Rover Velar Wide Body Is Simply Awesome

You may have seen this thing in the renderings the tuner released a while back, but Lumma Range Rover Velar is now ready in the flesh in all its wide body glory. And it is, hands down, one of the best looking cars we’ve ever seen. And we don’t even like the red accents!

The Velar is a naturally beautiful car and it does not really need all the extra work. Upgrading the looks of this car would be like Megan Fox getting a boob job. The standard ones are pretty amazing, but still, you wouldn’t mind a pair of banging double Ds on her, would you? And that is the case with the Lumma Range Rover Velar CLR GT. It takes a hot car and makes it completely irresistible.

The styling package for Lumma Range Rover Velar CLR GT wide body includes a front grille, LUMMA bonnet covers and the three-piece LUMMA rear spoiler lip, plus of course the fender extensions on the front rear complete with the dynamic side skirts that connect them.This particular CLR GT you see here is finished in black and garnished with red accents, a combo that is also mirrors on the 12×22 inch CLR LN1 wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport in the dimension 305/35.

As for the interior, the tuner promises such goodies as exclusive steering wheel, ergonomically shaped and with contrasting piping, LUMMA floor mats, a LUMMA trunk mat and LUMMA aluminum pedal set.

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