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Lumma Audi SQ5 (CLR 5S) Previewed, Looks Good


Lumma Audi SQ5 (CLR 5S) Previewed, Looks Good

For all its technical brilliance, there is no getting away from the fact that Audi SQ5 is one dull looking SUV. But don’t despair, because help is at hand from a German tuning house. Lumma Audi SQ5, codenamed CLR 5S, addresses that issue satisfactorily with a nice body kit and some height adjustment. 

Granted, the orange color is a bit overwhelming, but you can Lumma Audi SQ5 in any color you want. What matters is the body kit which is pretty much perfect. It is a wide body, but nothing too flamboyant and showy.That would look terrible on an Audi. This kit has the right amount of sportiness and matches the neat the design of the car and makes it exciting.

The ingredients of Lumma Audi SQ5 styling package include front spoiler extension, wheel arch extension front and rear, integrated side skirt under splitters, rear skirt extension with diffuser, door panelling front and rear, and square exhaust endpipe covers with LUMMA Logo. There is also an optional rear spoiler and a serialized plaque. Adjusted ride height and a set of large and sporty wheels wrap up the treatment.

The CLR 5S kit is made from made of high-quality PUR-RIM-plastics, but it’s German plastic with TUV standard and all that. You have the choice of color and wheel design,and we’re sure if you ask nicely Lumma can also improve the interior for you.

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