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Luethen Mercedes AMG GT by Cartech


Luethen Mercedes AMG GT by Cartech

Swiss tuner Cartech has already done a couple of AMG GTs, but the latest example they have put together is a bit more special. The Luethen Mercedes AMG GT features an exclusive kit developed by Luethen Motorsport to make the GT look more serious and track ready. And it looks hella mean in black.

Although Luethen Mercedes AMG GT is among the simplest styling packages out there for the German sports coupe, it manages to alters the look of the car and enhance its visual appeal by a great degree. That is what you can achieve with a few well-designed parts that match the overall styling of the car and emphasize its great parts.

So Luethen Mercedes AMG GT gets a fairly chunky front spoiler lip, a racy rear diffuser insert with side extensions and pronounced fins, and a fixed rear wing with a vicious angle of attack. All these parts are, naturally, made from clear coated carbon fiber which goes really well with the metallic black of the exterior. Cartech has also equipped this car with a set of black HRE Wheels, KW suspension, and a light chip tuning for good measure.

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