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Lotus Exige Sport 380 in Action


Lotus Exige Sport 380 in Action

They call it the super slayer and with good reason too. The new Lotus Exige Sport 380 has a sprint time from 0 to 60 mph of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 178 mph. It is really hard to argue with those figures. And what’s more, the 380 is a like a bloody house fly on the race track. 

Thanks to a dry weight of only 1,076 kg and a power output of 375 horsepower, to say nothing of the fine tuning Norfolk’s best have done to the chassis and suspension or the carbon aero kit with the red garnish accenting, Lotus Exige Sport 380 handles as good as a car can handle. It is not far from reason to think this little sports car could be faster than a Bugatti Chiron around a twisty race track:

Among the key highlights of Lotus Exige Sport 380 one can mention the 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine in the Exige Sport 380 generates 375 hp at 6700rpm and 410 Nm (302 lbft) of torque at 5000rpm. The key features of the new and upgraded engine include a revised supercharger pulley, which increases charge pressure, an uprated fuel pump, a recalibrated ECU and the introduction of a revised exhaust system. There is also the the carbon front spoiler and rubber lip spoiler which combined with the carbon barge boards reduce pressure under the vehicle, and  the carbon race seats (-6 kg), lithium- ion battery (-10.3 kg), ultra-lightweight forged wheels and grooved two-piece brake discs (-10 kg), all contributing to the lightness and therefore the greatness of this car.

Exige Sport 380-1 Exige Sport 380-2 Exige Sport 380-3 Exige Sport 380-4 Exige Sport 380-5 Exige Sport 380-6 Exige Sport 380-7 Exige Sport 380-8 Exige Sport 380-9

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