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Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG Wide Body

liberty walk

Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG Wide Body

Famed Japanese tuner Liberty Walk have been busy lately with a bunch of super car they wanted to widen, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the less glamorous cars whose owners want a taste of LB goodness. So they are in the process of producing the Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG package, a wide body kit suitable for both Coupe and Sedan versions of the W205 series. 

The new Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG wide body is like a Black Series C63 on steroids. It has bulges and curves in all the right places, but they are all exaggerated to some extent because just giving the car a set of regular swollen arches and moderately large aero parts would do no good. Customers have Merc’s own Black Series for that. As a result, the B-Works C63 looks a tad cartoonish, which is sort of LB’s signature dish.

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As for the ingredients, Liberty Walk Mercedes C63 AMG wide body package  – which is, by the way, customizable in terms of aero parts – includes Front bumper with diffuser,Rear diffuser,Rear side spoiler,Rear wing,Wide fender and Side diffuser. You have to add to that the mandatory Airrex air suspension for lowering, and a setof extra wide wheels and tires to fill up those huge fenders. Price-wise, the package starts at $12,870 and depending on the bells and whistles goes up to $17,620.


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