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Liberty Walk Kia Stinger May Look Something Like This


Liberty Walk Kia Stinger May Look Something Like This

One of the things we like about Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is that they are not picky. They work on anything, from Toyota 86 to McLaren 650S and beyond. So it is only a matter of time before we get a Liberty Walk Kia Stinger. That is why we thought you may want to have an early look at what that thing may look like in these renderings.

Granted, the designer has gone to the extreme lowering and widening the Stinger in these renderings. But a full-on Liberty Walk Kia Stinger is going to have pretty much the same features. It’ll have massive overfenders with those iconic visible rivets. It will indeed be bagged with air suspension and dropped right to the ground. And it will probably boast over-sized aero parts as you see on this imaginary cars here.

The one thing from these designs the real LB Stinger may not feature is the extreme camber of the wheels. Not that Liberty Walk is above playing such tricks to make their creations eye-popping. The truth is, that kind of camber does not work on a car like the stinger, which is in essence a four-door saloon. Such a treatment would be more fitting on a sports car, preferably a Japanese one.

In any case, we quite like the look of these ultra wide Stingers, especially the matte black one. This is something one could reasonably expect to see at next year’s SEMA show.

Renderings via Rob Evans Design

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