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Land Rover Takes to Trafalgar Square with a Chrome Rhino!

Land Rover

Land Rover Takes to Trafalgar Square with a Chrome Rhino!

Okay, that title might sound a bit strange, so let us elaborate. You see, Land Rover has been an ardent supporter of Tusk for many years, an organization for wildlife protection, especially endangered species. The Chrome Land Rover rhino showcased at Trafalgar Square is the company’s token of support for the Tusk Rhino Trail.

The initiative involves 21 sculptures donated and decorated by leading figures from the worlds of art and design, with the Land Rover Rhino designed by Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer. The 1.2 meter long sculpture has a special liquid metal finish from Land Rover’s paint shop, a process called chrome spray, which gives it an eye-catching shine. The horn of the animal is painted red, highlighting the reason it is now endangered, because low-life poachers and hunters kill these majestic animals so they can remove their horn and sell them in the black market. The sculpture does a good job of raising awareness about the plight of the African rhinoceros.

Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said: “I wanted to celebrate the magnificence of this unique creature, so my rhino is covered in a chrome finish. The idea being that because of the highly reflective nature of chrome it would be seen from a long distance, consequently creating awareness of the plight of this animal in Africa. The red painted horn signifies the absurdity of this beautiful animal being hunted for such a small part of its overall being.”

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