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Koenigsegg CEO Configures His Own Regera

Christian von Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg CEO Configures His Own Regera

Swedish hyper car maker Koenigsegg is tiny company by car makers’ standards and so they can pull off stunts such as “Employee Car” in which every one of their employees gets to configure his or her own car, just for funsies. Now even the boss has got into this, building himself a sick Koenigsegg Regera with special colors and features. 

The difference between this Regera and those configured by the employees is that the boss, Christian von Koenigsegg, could actually go ahead and build this thing for himself in reality. He sure has put a lot of effort in the configuration, taking care to pay homage to Sweden, family and wife.

Employee Regera-1 Employee Regera-2 Employee Regera-3

So Christian von Koenigsegg.’s Regera features a blue tinted carbon finish with gold leaf striping, along with gold leaf wheels. Now blue and yellow are supposed to be a tribute to the Swedish flag, but they also promote the golf leaf option now available to Regera buyers. This Regera also features a brown leather interior because the first car he and his then-girlfriend – now wife and Koenigsegg COO, Halldora – owned together was a black NA Mazda Miata with a brown leather interior. So a little bit of family link there. Of course, after that Miata Christian formed his company and the rest is history.

Employee Regera-4 Employee Regera-5

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