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Kaege Retro Porsche Is a European Singer 911


Kaege Retro Porsche Is a European Singer 911

You may remember this special little Porsche from out previous feature on it. It’s a custom job by Kaege Automobile GmbH of Germany based on a 993 model, and they have just realized they can pitch this project as a European rival for the exquisite Singer 911 from the United States.

And they have made a short clip to put this in perspective. We don’t know if Kaege Retro 001, as they call it, is as fine a product as a Singer 911, but it sure looks like it:

Kaege has had a very interesting way of producing their retro-modern Porsche 911. They took a relatively modern 993 model and then modified it looks so it would be indistinguishable from a 1972 F-Series model. In this way they ended up with a vintage looking 911 that has the muscular stance of a 993, and of course its technical features including an air-cooled 3.6 liters engine that produces 300 horsepower. Since the whole thing weighs no more than 1,195 kg, Kaege Retro Porsche is also pretty fast. It’s a good thing then they have installed KW coilovers and Fuchs alloys to keep it in check.

Kaege Retro Porsche 2 600x340 at Kaege Retro Porsche Is a European Singer 911

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