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Jaguar XJ Game of Drones Puts Practicality in Perspective


Jaguar XJ Game of Drones Puts Practicality in Perspective

Jaguar is kind of known for unnecessarily elaborate publicity stunts, whether it’s spending millions on A-list celebrities for a 30-second spot, or staging a drone race just to let you know the long-wheelbase XJ has ample room in the back. That is basically the premise of Jaguar XJ Game of Drones.

You get the feeling they had to green light this stunt simply because they came up with the title ‘Jaguar XJ Game of Drones’ and that sounded too cool not to be used. They must have thought it’ll become a memorable thing, what with the popularity of Game of Thrones. The thing itself, however, does not make much sense. Here’s what it’s all about: high-speed drones piloted by professional racers flew through three cars during the race at Alexandra Palace, on a course marked out with 13 gates the same shape as an XJL rear door and illuminated in phosphor Blue and Red to highlight two of the XJ’s stunning interior lighting options.

The point here is that were it not for the extra five inches of space Jaguar XJ LWB provides, the drones could have traveled so easily at 60 mph through the cabin. From that you have to surmise the car is easy to get in and out of, and that it has big space in the back.

“Quality and comfort are always at the forefront of our minds and this is especially true for the Jaguar XJL. The long wheelbase gave us the space to create a passenger experience that is second to none. We might not have designed it with drone racing in mind, but it’s a fun way to demonstrate the spacious environment we’ve created.”
Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

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